Redevelopment of the Deepfield marketing site.

Site redevelopment

Following our previous successful collaboration on Ecessa we were again commissioned by design agency No1son to assist with the redevelopment of the Deepfield marketing site. The company wanted to redesign their existing site and concentrate on displaying and presenting the range of DeepField products, services, and the technology used. The site was also to act as a resource base of information and datasheets and to act as a main point of contact to further convert sales and build B2B client relationships.

The content of the site would vary from product to product and service to service so we worked with No1son to create a series of modular templates. These templates had reoderable and reusable blocks which allowed Deepfield to create unique layouts for each page while retaining the same general look and feel across the site.

What is Deepfield?

Deepfield is real-time network analytics and security SaaS system for network operators and cloud providers. It blocks security threats, improves network performance and is deployed across more than 50 petabits of network traffic and 1/3 of all US Internet traffic.

Deepfield was acquired by Nokia in December 2016.