Radio Holland

Back in 2015 we worked with The Superyacht Agency to create the simple, effective Ship to Shore marketing tool.

Dutch marine technology experts Radio Holland decided they needed a first contact sales tool to communicate their new satellite communication services.

Ship to Shore airtime packages

The first step in the process was to understand what customers and potential customers needed from a satellite communication provider. To do this the Superyacht Agency worked with Radio Holland to assist in simplifying and streamlining their offering.

‘As a one-stop-shop Radio Holland provides the airtime, equipment, installation and tools & services through the reliable and global Radio Holland service network.’

Nikos Yocarini, Manager GTAC and Connectivity, Radio Holland

Through a series of workshops we worked together with the Superyacht agency to develop a tool that would be easy to use and effective at providing customers the information they need for their specific requirements.

The result is the Radio Holland’s Ship to Shore online airtime advisor. Potential customers visit the site and presented with some general questions about their organisation and needs.

The specific combination of answers allows the tool to ascertain the most appropriate package best suited to the customers requirements.

Ship to Shore iPad results screen

The customer is then presented with the selected package and given the option to download a PDF and or request a follow up sales call.

Ship to Shore mobile splash screen

Ship to Shore is an excellent example of how when things get complicated, keeping them simple for your customers has enormous value.